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Unreal News From the Casino Gambling Industry

Tuesday's election was somewhat of a stunner for online gambling enthusiasts. Several states legalized dangerous vices such as marijuana, porn, and crack, but for some reason online casinos were denied again.

The game of craps can be one that is difficult to figure out for those who have never played. Equally as confusing is the BCS rankings system. The system is so confusing and hated by fans, that other industries have started to follow the model.

As the legislative session comes to somewhat of a stand still as all of the candidates put on their phoniest faces in time for the upcoming mid-term election, one piece of legislation has been passed. Republicans have pushed through a critter extermination bill, and have also attached legislation banning online gambling.

Several online casinos have come out in the past couple of weeks and announced that the majority of their customers come to the casinos because of the games being played, not the gambling that takes place. It is a similar stance to the one the NFL has taken regarding gambling.

In their ongoing attempt to drag out each World Series of Poker as long as possible, officials have announced that in the next week, all of the paper work will be completed from the 2005 WSOP. That also means the final bracelets will be given out live on ESPN.

While the majority of the world is focused on steroids when it comes to Roger Clemens and his lying, casinos around the US are worried about their mints. It seems Clemens not only has denied using steroids, but he also denies ever taking free mints from various casinos.

Officials from the World Series of Poker are considering backing the final table for the Main Event up to the following March. The officials are pleased that poker fans have waited for the final table until November the past couple of years, and the WSOP believes they can push the envelope even further.

A researcher at B.S. & Associates has determined that the popular kids card game of War is one of skill and not luck. Dr. Henry Tibeau claims to have scientific evidence that the game can be won more frequently by the most skilled players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have crapped out when it comes to re-signing LeBron James, but that does not mean the team will not have a James in uniform next year. Confused? The cavs have signed sixteen year old LeBron James from Barcelona, Spain.

In a stunning change of  heart, LeBron James has announced on the eve of his free agency that he will be canceling all meetings with NBA teams. Instead, James has decided to sign with Barcelona, making him the first athlete to go from pro basketball to the NBA.

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