Moving Inside Casinos?
Atlantic City casinos have tried almost everything to revive their struggling gambling industry. Now, casino owners have joined forces and are starting a new prostitution promotion. For every $500 spent on a players advantage card, a person will be eligible for a free hour with a prostitute.

"It just seems that nothing we are doing is working, so we decided to see if sex really sells," said one executive from an Atlantic City casino that wished to remain anonymous, "If we cannot give away sex, then we will know that it is time to close the doors."

Some of the casino owners pulled out of a vote on the new promotion citing a conflict of interest. These owners have been running prostitution rings at their casinos for years, and are concerned about the new promotion cutting into their prostitution profits.

Several of the owners that did take part in the vote were excited about the idea of bringing in high rollers by offering free sex. They said that it will also increase the ambiance at their casinos.

"These prostitutes that are working our casino floors right now are not the best looking creatures. I don't even know if some of them are women," said observer Franklin Geary, "with the new promotion, we will be able to bring the prostitutes in that we think our customers will like."

It is not yet known how the casinos plan to deal with women high rollers. Several idea have been thrown around, including free spa treatments and shoe shopping sprees.

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